Experts in Waste Management Services Add Junior Rear Lift Truck to Fleet

Kartaway announces its new Hino 300 series truck, capable of servicing most medium to high density dwellings, is joining the Kartaway fleet.

The rise of medium to high density housing within inner Metropolitan Melbourne has created issues in the provision of waste management services, most notably waste collection services.  Restricted access and underground car parks have contributed to a reduced level of service from many Waste Service Providers unable to access the bin rooms/areas. To guarantee a continuation in service quality to their customers, Kartaway is pleased to welcome the newest member of its fleet, a new Hino 300 series truck, affectionately dubbed “Junior”.   Junior’s dimensions allow for a greatly reduced turning circle and the ability to service most underground car parks*. This offers a number of benefits including a reduction in excessive street noise caused by curbside tipping and improved curb appeal, as bins can be collected from underground car parks rather than from the curb.

“The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that in 2010-2011 medium to high density dwellings accounted for over 90% of new building approvals in Inner Melbourne alone, and over 30% of Greater Metropolitan Melbourne,” said Mark Whelan, Director of National Operations at Kartaway. “It was evident that we needed a solution to allow us to continue delivering the best and most efficient possible service to our customers.”

Kartaway has operated for over 120 years in the Waste Management and Recycling Industry. The company services Commercial, Residential and Constructions sectors through its Open Top and Rear Lift bin divisions. Call 1300 132 132 to talk to an Account Manager about Junior.

*For underground car parks with a maximum entry height of 2.05 metres.

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Industries Major Contributors to Recycling in Victoria

The Victorian Annual Survey of Recycling Industries 2010-11 appears to be the latest available and indicates some interesting facts about recycling. Where does the waste come from?

  • Construction and demolition waste  52%
  • Metal waste    17%
  • Paper waste    15%
  • Organic waste    11%
  • Glass, plastic, rubber & textile 5%

83% of the material received for reprocessing during the 2010-11 financial year was sourced from industry, and of that 50% was from the rapidly increasing construction and demolition sector. 33% of the material came from commercial and industrial operations. Waste, primarily sourced from kerbside collections, from the municipal sector represented only 17%.

Victoria’s current reprocessing capacity is predominantly local, with 90% of recovered material remaining in the State.  This material is converted into new products by Victorian re-processors. This can in part, be attributed to improved capacities of local reprocessing facilities, as well as closer collaborations between the collectors, processors and traders of commercial waste.

The reduction of greenhouse gases has been of major concern to governments around the world. The recycling industry makes a substantial contribution to the cutting of greenhouse gas emissions, at the same time delivering significant energy and water savings, whilst conserving non-renewable virgin resources.

The environmental benefits from reprocessing all material recovered in 2010-11 according to life cycle analysis (LCA)* modelling shows:

  • A saving of almost 93 million gigajoules of energy
  • Prevention of more than 5 million tonnes of greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere (equivalent to taking 817,000 cars off the road)
  • A saving of more than 61,000 megalitres of water (enough to fill more than 24,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools).

Kartaway, are leaders in waste management and are committed to sound environmental practices. They operate a public Recycling Depot at 32 Kirkdale Road, East Brunswick. Contact Kartaway on 1300 362 362 to discuss a waste management plan for your organisation.

* RMIT University, Centre for Design, Life Cycle Impact Data for Resource Recovery from C&I and C&D Waste in Victoria, September 2005

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New Victorian State Manager for Kartaway, Waste Management Company

Kartaway, leading Waste Management company, are pleased to welcome their new Victorian State Manager, Phil Lowry who commences on Wednesday November 6th.  Phil is disciplined, versatile and a results orientated business manager with a solid track record in building a successful customer service team. He has had comprehensive logistics involvement and is organised and methodical with strong financial accountability and budget management skills.

His strong background in waste management services will stand him in good stead in his new role at Kartaway. Working for Transpacific Cleanaway Pty. Ltd. as Operations Manager then for the Transpacific Industries Group as Business Unit Manager he was responsible for the management of staff, capital equipment and providing services to Municipal Councils in the delivery of kerbside waste collection services, including domestic and commercial, and recycling services. He is an effective team leader with a strong background in safety management and brings vast experience in planning, budgeting, key business objectives, industrial relations and sourcing new business opportunities to the role.

If you are planning on a clean-up pre or post Christmas this year take note of Kartaway Melbourne’s close down dates.

Closed –

  • 25th – 26th December 2013
  • 1st January 2014

This can work to your advantage if you hire a skip or bin in the days prior to closedown you have the advantage of extra day/s during the closedown before the skip or bin is picked up.  With Christmas fast approaching many customers like to clean up the garden and even have a spring clean inside, getting ready for the influx of guests over the holiday period.  Get in early and book your skip or bin in time for Christmas or the New Year.


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Where Does Your Rubbish Go?

Do you ever check where you rubbish ends up? Did you know that each year in Melbourne thousands of tonnes of waste ends up being illegally dumped?  This waste is generated by rogue waste removal operators who, rather than sending their waste to a recycling facility, knowingly dump it in lane ways and vacantblocks. So, next time you order a skip or bin ask the bin operator where the waste will end up.

And landlords can be caught out when rubbish is dumped on leased land. Recently Kartaway Melbourne was asked to quote to clean up a site in Melbourne, where some 3,500 tonnes of waste was left for a landlord to clean up. The project will take up to a month and cost the landlord hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Kartaway is environmentally responsible and has Recycling Depots in all operational areas and is proud of its environmental initiatives, recycling most waste collected and meeting green star accreditation.  Kartaway’s Recycling Depots can accept and recycle green waste, timber, metal, cardboard, batteries, electronic waste, concrete, dirt, brick and asphalt. Their Melbourne Recycling Depot is at 32 Kirkdale Road and is open 7 days to the public. It is very accessible, clean and affordable.

Head office Redevelopment
The new head office currently being constructed is also in Kirkdale Road and will boast a state of the art office facility.  After twenty years being based in North Melbourne the Whelans have moved back to the place of origin – Brunswick, where it all began in 1892.  James Paul Whelan set up Whelan the Wrecker that year in Sydney Road, Brunswick and the Whelans have continued to have a proud association with Brunswick.

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Helping Schools Recycle in Melbourne

Schools have been teaching students about recycling, worm farms, composting and environmental awareness for some years now so school children are very savvy when it comes to recycling.  They know what can be recycled and expect to pop materials like paper and cardboard and most plastics into a recycle bin, whilst using apple cores and fruit peelings to produce compost for the garden.  Schools need a good waste management program that enables the children to dispose of rubbish in a thoughtful and environmentally sound way.

Kartaway specialise in designing sensible waste management plans and have helped schools to solve their waste disposal problems.  They have dedicated account managers who will ensure that your school is actively involved in recycling, from cardboard recycling bins located within the classroom to comingled recycling bins located in the play grounds.  Kartaway have used their CP50 compactor units for both general waste and cardboard recycling in elite schools in Sydney that required a more streamlined approach to their waste removal.  The compactor units take up less room than a mass of wheelie bins and compact the waste down saving on space and requiring less frequent pick-ups, and thereby creating less noise and interruptions to school activities. A Kartaway account manager will create a program that suits your school, including scheduled pick-ups to suit your school’s rhythm.

Let Kartaway Melbourne help your school with a customised waste management program.  With their own Recycle Depot in East Brunswick, Melbourne that recycles most waste collected, Kartaway are leaders in recycling.  Australian owned and managed and having been in operation for 100 years, you will be dealing with an experienced, dedicated and reliable waste management company.   Call 1300 362 362 to speak to an account manager for advice on your school’s recycling and waste management.

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Novel Ways To Manage Waste in Sydney and Melbourne

When it comes to waste removal sometimes an imaginative approach is required. The Sydney Morning Herald reported this week that in Sydney Royston Street, Darlinghurst has become so unsightly with wheelie bins cluttering the middle of the poky cul-de-sac and overflowing rubbish littering the traffic island the City of Sydney has been forced to find a novel solution.

With older style apartment buildings that lack space in the front for storing wheelie bins residents have taken to keeping their bins on a traffic island.  Then with the addition of recycling bins, illegal dumping and the inevitable attraction to rats and cockroaches the street has become an eyesore.

The solution the City of Sydney have included in their Draft Waste Policy is the installation of chutes at street level which are accessed by PIN numbers allowing the residents to drop their rubbish into a large underground collection point. The project is estimated to cost $85,000 and would include five 1100 litre underground bins for general waste and recycling situated under the traffic island and using scissor lifts to raise the bins to ground level for collection.

Kartaway has solved similar problems for corporate customers in both Melbourne and Sydney.  A multi level corporate building in the heart of Melbourne could no longer use its loading dock due to the large volume of wheelie bin that were cluttering the dock.

Kartaway Compactor Unit  Kartaway identified that it could install two of its CP50 compactor units for both general waste and cardboard recycling. Due to the small amount of space required for each compactor, they were strategically placed in an area that was underutilised. This in turn resulted in the loading dock being freed of all the wheelie bins which meant the loading dock  again had ample space for the building’s vital deliveries.

When it comes to solving waste management problems, Kartaway are very experienced and will customise a waste plan to suit your particular organisation’s unique situation.  Call 1300 362 362 to speak to an Account Manager about your waste needs.

SMH article at:

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