Most Things Can Be Recycled


bottle house house made of bottles

Most of us recycle newspapers, bottles, cans and cardboard packaging but some people go much further.  In the U.S. John Milkovisch, a retired upholsterer, built a house entirely out of beer cans and Édouard T. Arsenault from Prince Edward Island, Canada built a house out of 25,000 recycled bottles.  Back in the 70’s a teacher and artist, Victor Moore, built the “junk castle” completely from salvaged materials and it only cost him $US500!  More recently an attractive modern home was built by Architects in the Netherlands from recycled materials discovered in the area, they used recycled steel for the framework from an old textile mill and the wood from cable reels for the façade.

Cable reel home  house made of recycled steel and  cable reels

In Japan a not for profit organization collects discarded dentures to reclaim metals like gold and silver, the proceeds from the sale of the metals is donated to Unicef.  Incredibly, an airport in England collects used chewing gum to recycle into tyres, toys and other products.

It is amazing the amount of materials and items we use that can be recycled and re-used.  Kartaway will recycle most of the waste they receive, wherever there is a recycling operation available. Some of the items they receive and recycle at their Recycling Depot in East Brunswick, Melbourne are: green waste metal cardboard timber  batteries electronic waste  dirt  brick concrete  asphalt Being undercover, the Recycling Depot is accessible in any weather and being open 7 days makes it easy to drop off your waste.  Alternatively, you can order a skip or bin from Kartaway and know that they will drop off and pick up the skip or bin and sort and recycle what you throw out.

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