Recycling Plastics Was A Challenge, Now It’s Easy At Melbourne Recycling Depot

When it comes to recycling we have come a long way.  Back in the 1950s a wonderful material called plastic was invented and it was so useful that it became a major material used in household items, building, packaging and manufacturing throughout the western world.  Then it was discovered that plastics don’t break down, they stay around for hundreds of years.  Landfills were becoming larger and larger with so much waste to dispose of as our consumer society threw out discarded products, buying the newer, better versions.  Plastic had become a problem!

Glass, metal and paper had been successfully re-used and recycled for sometime but plastic was being produced in ever greater quantities with no solution as to how to recycle this material. During the 1980s governments began to look at this in earnest and supported the development of industrial processes that transform the plastic into a useable item.  With the development of PETE and HDPE plastics in the 80’s and 90’s plastics were suddenly able to be recycled.  Consumers were educated about recycling and learned to recognise the recycle logo – three arrows making up a triangle.

Requiring many more steps than metal, paper and glass to recycle, plastics need fillers, dyes and additives removed, require sorting and are then chopped into small pieces. These are cleaned, melted down and compressed into nurdles, which are plastic pellets.  The nurdles are used in the manufacturing of new plastic products.

Kartaway, a well known Melbourne based waste management business, excel in recycling.  Providing bins and skips for waste removal from households, builders, corporations, shopping complexes, restaurants and educational facilities they are able to recycle most of the waste collected, including plastic.  Their public Recycling Depot in East Brunswick will take nearly all materials, apart from putrifiable waste, and recycle it.  Open 7 days, clean, affordable and accessible Kartaway have made it as easy as possible for the public to recycle.

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