Where Does Your Rubbish Go?

Do you ever check where you rubbish ends up? Did you know that each year in Melbourne thousands of tonnes of waste ends up being illegally dumped?  This waste is generated by rogue waste removal operators who, rather than sending their waste to a recycling facility, knowingly dump it in lane ways and vacantblocks. So, next time you order a skip or bin ask the bin operator where the waste will end up.

And landlords can be caught out when rubbish is dumped on leased land. Recently Kartaway Melbourne was asked to quote to clean up a site in Melbourne, where some 3,500 tonnes of waste was left for a landlord to clean up. The project will take up to a month and cost the landlord hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Kartaway is environmentally responsible and has Recycling Depots in all operational areas and is proud of its environmental initiatives, recycling most waste collected and meeting green star accreditation.  Kartaway’s Recycling Depots can accept and recycle green waste, timber, metal, cardboard, batteries, electronic waste, concrete, dirt, brick and asphalt. Their Melbourne Recycling Depot is at 32 Kirkdale Road and is open 7 days to the public. It is very accessible, clean and affordable.

Head office Redevelopment
The new head office currently being constructed is also in Kirkdale Road and will boast a state of the art office facility.  After twenty years being based in North Melbourne the Whelans have moved back to the place of origin – Brunswick, where it all began in 1892.  James Paul Whelan set up Whelan the Wrecker that year in Sydney Road, Brunswick and the Whelans have continued to have a proud association with Brunswick.

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