Helping Schools Recycle in Melbourne

Schools have been teaching students about recycling, worm farms, composting and environmental awareness for some years now so school children are very savvy when it comes to recycling.  They know what can be recycled and expect to pop materials like paper and cardboard and most plastics into a recycle bin, whilst using apple cores and fruit peelings to produce compost for the garden.  Schools need a good waste management program that enables the children to dispose of rubbish in a thoughtful and environmentally sound way.

Kartaway specialise in designing sensible waste management plans and have helped schools to solve their waste disposal problems.  They have dedicated account managers who will ensure that your school is actively involved in recycling, from cardboard recycling bins located within the classroom to comingled recycling bins located in the play grounds.  Kartaway have used their CP50 compactor units for both general waste and cardboard recycling in elite schools in Sydney that required a more streamlined approach to their waste removal.  The compactor units take up less room than a mass of wheelie bins and compact the waste down saving on space and requiring less frequent pick-ups, and thereby creating less noise and interruptions to school activities. A Kartaway account manager will create a program that suits your school, including scheduled pick-ups to suit your school’s rhythm.

Let Kartaway Melbourne help your school with a customised waste management program.  With their own Recycle Depot in East Brunswick, Melbourne that recycles most waste collected, Kartaway are leaders in recycling.  Australian owned and managed and having been in operation for 100 years, you will be dealing with an experienced, dedicated and reliable waste management company.   Call 1300 362 362 to speak to an account manager for advice on your school’s recycling and waste management.

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