Managing Your Rubbish in Metro Melbourne

If you are doing a garden clean up, renovating the house, doing a big spring clean or getting rid of clutter prior to a house move or sale you need a service that can accommodate the amount of waste and be available when you need it.  You have two good options in Metro Melbourne – a Kartaway skip or bin or take the waste directly to the Kartaway Recycling Depot yourself.  Councils provide kerbside rubbish collection for larger waste, but this is often only at specified times and they are restrictive as to what rubbish can be collected and the amount.

If you have a relatively small clean up Kartaway  provide a 2.0m miniskip, which will do the job, if it’s a bit bigger go for the 2.5m or 4.0m skip bin.  For garden clean ups the 6.0m and 7.5m walk in bins are ideal. Kartaway have larger walk in bins too –  if you are renovating or building a 12.0m or 15.0m walk in bin will usually be the right size.  When you call Kartaway the friendly operators will assist you with choosing the right size skip or bin, there are some restrictions in some council areas so it’s important to get the right advice.   Call 1300 362 362 to book a skip or bin.

The Recycling Depot at Brunswick is also a good option, it is affordable, clean, fully asphalted, has undercover bays, recycles most rubbish collected and you will get friendly service and assistance from the staff.  The Recycling Depot is easily accessible, being located at 32 Kirkdale St,East Brunswick, close to the city.

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